Find our Coffee

Want to get our coffee into your cup?

Find Magic Beans coffee at the following businesses in our community and the surrounding areas!

Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem Farmer’s Market

Cup of drip, 12oz Bag O’Beans

Meet your local roaster at the year-round Farmer’s Market! Click here for more information.

– Bakeries –

Bobby Boy Bakeshop

Cup of drip, Espresso drinks, Lattes, decaf (swiss water processed), Bag O’Beans (12 oz)

Custom Blend, Guatemala Huehuetenango/Mexico Chiapas

– Stores –

Fair Share Farm Barn Store

Bag O’Beans (12 oz)

Medium and Dark Roast

– Bookstores –

The Bookhouse

Cup of drip, cold brew, Espresso drinks, Lattes, decaf

– Restaurants –

Diamondback Grill

Coffee by the Cup

Regular and Decaf

Hotel Indigo Winston Salem – Downtown

Coffee by the cup, Espresso drinks, Lattes

Village Juice & Kitchen

cold brew, coffee bender bottled drink

Advance, NC

– Bakeries –

Maddie Cakes Bakery

Cup of drip, espresso drinks, Lattes, decaf (swiss water processed), Bag O’Beans (12 oz)

House Blend, Ethiopia Sidamo/Costa Rica

Lewisville, NC

– Stores –

Lewisville Country Market

Bag O’Beans (12 oz)

Light, Medium and Dark Roast, Decaf


– Local Pickup –

Fair Share Farm

Bag O’Beans (12 OZ)

Medium Roast

– Local Delivery –

Let it Grow Produce

Bag O’Beans (12 oz)

Light, Medium and Dark Roast


– Local Delivery –

Magic Beans Coffee Club

Click here to get more information about coffee delivered straight to your home or office.

Meet your local roaster at the Farmer’s Market!

Come visit us every Saturday from 6am until noon at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Farmers Market. Snag a 12oz. bag of fresh roasted coffee beans and grab a cuppa joe!


Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market

2532 Farmers Market Way
​Winston Salem, NC 27105.
(behind the Goodwill on University)



Find us at the Farmer's Market!
Lewisville Country Market